26 apr.

Express expedition of dangerous goods

This time, it is a triggers manufacturer of airbags for the big automotive equipment manufacturers who requires ATS’s services.

His dangerous goods (550 kg) express expedition for final destination Shanghai has badly turned. For a very good reason, the airline company has just refused the goods for two reasons:

  • Error in the dangerous products declaration,
  • Absence of necessary marking on one of the pallets.

Contacted as a matter of urgency, the operational team of ATS takes things in hand and organizes the solution:

  • Put the specific documentation in compliance with the dangerous products,
  • Put in conformity of the packaging with the appropriate marking,
  • Implementation of a vehicle dedicated for transport warehouse-airport,
  • Delivery with the airline company just before the cut-off.
Result : the freight is finally accepted and embarked on the planned flight. The goods, as for it, will be delivered in time at destination. A new success highlighting the capacity of ATS team to handle the customers’ urgent and custom-made demands.