26 apr.

ATS, the trusted partner of the PFW (Paris Fashion Week)

    • A big fashion house calls ATS for an urgent transport of samples, essential to the manufacturing of clothes for the Paris Fashion Week.
    • ATS immediatly organizes a OBC service between Italy and France and succeeds in delivering the expected samples in time.
    • The fashion show is a success 

15:10 : Two days before Paris Fashion Week, our teams are contacted by a fashion house of international fame: he misses precious parts to end the collection which will be presented.

15:55 : Thanks to its international presence, ATS collects the necessary samples in Milan, in the 60 minutes following the customer call.

18:50 : The driver puts in hands the parcel to the accompanying person, who embarks on the first flight out (NFO) to Paris.

22:05 : A motorcycle-taxi gets back samples in Roissy CDG, and takes off towards downtown Paris.

22:30 : The invaluable goods are delivered personally to the creation teams, which will finalize the looks in time for the show.