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ATS avoids customer's operation disruption

ATS’s strength is to be in capacity to answer any emergency situation 24/7/365.

February 15th 2018 : A French car manufacturer is confronted with a major risk of disruption. The financial stakes are colossal.
The situation, of criticality level 1, requires an immediate intervention. ATS is contacted: in the 20 minutes following the customer’s call, our experts set vehicles in France and to Sapanca ( Turkey), at the facility of the manufacturer to insure the good connection.

In a total of 16 days, 10 dedicated vehicles and 9 dedicated planes cargo will assure the daily transport of rooms between both sites, guaranteeing the continuity of the production and avoiding to the car manufacturer the complete fixed asset of his production line.
One more time, the expertise of ATS and the professionalism of its teams in the treatment and the management of the critical situations were determining: allowing the customer to respect his rates of production and to honor his commitments.