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At the conquest of French Blood Etablishments (EFS)

Context :

ATS SANTE is interested for several years now in markets to resupply the regional warehouses of blood. It is thus quite naturally that we decide to answer the EFS of Nantes’s „call for bills”, having met all the market players: suppliers of materials, manufacturers and logistic specific, responsible assistants of EFS’s vehicle, hospital directions.


Study :

The decision taken, all the ATS Santé staff is mobilized around the project :

– the sales department is in charge of collecting all the useful information,

– the engineering unit, dedicates itself to the analysis of the call for tenders. In a few days, the preliminary studies are led; the organization targets the average human beings and the defined materials,

– the board, then, study the futur investiments.


In the outcome, a precise and calculated commercial proposal is sent to the EFS.

Our goal is simple: answering completely to the customer’s specifications and make him realize savings.


Arrangement :

ATS SANTE project has been chosen, and the implementation deadline is of 3 months only !

It is now necessary to get down to the implementation of the solution, which includes :

  • The provision of 3 specific vehicles quadri temperatures
  • A double system of real time traceability by vehicle
  • The creation of a base annexes at the customer’s site
  • Test of all the materials and the required equipment
  • The recruitment and the training of 6 drivers
  • Realisation of empty rounds
  • Tracking and piloting activity tools


Start :

It’s a success !

The customer reveals us to be surprised moreover pleasantly by this starting up without a glitch, and said to be very satisfied.

Once again, our teams showed professionalism and efficiency !