Transport of tomorrow

Depletion of fossil fuels, increasing numbers of environmental initiatives, population growth and increased pace of life are among the challenges that the next generation of transport must address. Future transport methods must be innovative and environmentally sound with impeccable reliability.

ATS has always been a company that looks to the future. Behind these words lie a strong will and policy and practices geared towards developing the transport of tomorrow. This is reflected in ATS’ investment in drone transport.

Our Group believes that drone transport is one response to the issue of the first and last mile that cause pollution, overcrowding and congestion in our towns and cities. We also believe that drone transport could lead to improvements in the quality of life for more remote communities (e.g. long distances, poor road links or roads vulnerable to poor weather, mountain and island communities, etc.).

This type of transport naturally aligns with the environmentally responsible initiative to which we are committed, and offers clear economic advantages by comparison to traditional vehicle-based transport modes.

ATS addresses the important social issues of today and works in partnership with France’s most prominent drone experts to develop appropriate solutions.

We also work in consultation with the French Civil Aviation Authority to implement solutions that ensure the protection of goods, people on the ground, airspace and air safety regulations.

We are now able to look at specific usage case studies, adapt our drone solution to meet the needs and constraints of customers, offer personalised, optimal and dependable solutions and acquire the appropriate regulatory authorisation.

By sector :


  •  You are a health professional who relies heavily on transport (e.g. swabs, blood samples) between remote sites.
  •  Responsiveness and speed are the most important elements of transport on a daily basis
  • You need a steady temperature and to be able to track temperature changes and trace samples.
  •  We can offer drone transport for some or all of your samples while mindful of your need to control costs.


  •  You are an internal logistics professional at a large or sophisticated industrial site.
  •  You handle recurring flows related to production and administrative operations. You also handle ad hoc and/or urgent intra-site flows.
  •  Reliability and fluidity of flows are the most important elements.
  •  We can offer an integrated drone transport solution for your site that is adapted to your constraints, and which handles some or all of the goods/items in question while ensuring effective cost control.