Urgent transport, regular shuttles, dedicated collection and delivery rounds: ATS assesses your needs and offers personalised premium services, suited to your products, level of urgency and budget.

Wherever possible, our specialists will provide you with a number of technical solutions and offer advice and guidance in your decisions, so that you choose the best transport solution at the best price.

Urgent transports

Faced with an emergency requiring immediate action? We can collect your goods using a dedicated vehicle for direct and personalised delivery without delay :

Customer benefits :

  •  24/7 door-to-door service
  •  Dedicated vehicle
  •  Quick set-up and completion
  •  End-to-end visibility using our apps
  •  Guaranteed results
  •  Online CMRs and invoicing

Scheduled operations

Do you need to organise scheduled but sensitive consignments, which can’t be handled using traditional messaging services? We will offer you dedicated vehicles suited to the nature of your consignments and also take care of the rest.

Customer benefits :

  • 24/7 service
  •  Meticulous set-up and completion
  •  End-to-end visibility using our apps
  •  Online CMRs and invoicing

Dedicated shuttles and rounds

Are you a health or industry professional who wants to optimise your transport operations and collection and delivery rounds? We analyse and put in place dedicated rounds, while taking your specific scheduling, tracking and cost requirements into account.

Customer benefits :

  •  Advice and recommendations
  •  Flow and cost optimisation
  •  Dependable and flexible
  •  Ensures the integrity of goods transported
  •  End-to-end visibility using our apps
  •  Transparency and control via our customer webspace