Project Solutions

For relocation of production or assembly lines, transfer of machinery, bulky and/or outsize goods, our engineering team will analyse your industrial plan and propose an ad hoc solution.


To ensure the success of your project, we have developed a five-step methodology :

The purpose of this phase is to understand and analyse your plan. On-site audits, recognition of equipment and routing, environmental analyses and feasibility studies together help us to identify an ad hoc solution and provide a detailed quote.

For this crucial step, our teams set out the sequence and schedule for the operation, based on your production requirements and taking account of interactions with the construction project site.

Assembly and disassembly, hoisting, crane operation, loading and unloading, multi-modal transport, customs: as project manager, our teams will supervise and direct all workers and synchronise all operations, while ensuring that there is still flexibility in the completion of transport phases.

Using our high-performance tracking tools, you can follow the progress of the operation in real time. Alongside this, our control tower will notify you directly at each stage of the project.

EDI between companies and goods scanning available on request.

When the operation is complete, we will carry out a full review of the process with you in view of the commitments made, and gauge your level of satisfaction.

Customer benefits 

  •  All-in specialised service
  •  Dedicated project staff contact
  •  Bespoke assessment and management (uniqueness of your project)
  •  Project-based management