Personalised and secure solutions for your health products

The ATS Group has its own health division, ATS Health, established in 2014 to develop and deliver secure and personalised transport solutions, which meet the needs of those engaged in the health care and environmental sectors across the world, including :

  •  Medical and biological laboratories / Anatomic pathology
  •  Public and private health care institutions
  • EFS (French national blood service)
  •  Pharmaceutical laboratories
  •  Home care
  •  Research institutes
  •  Dispatchers
  •  Environmental sector professionals

ATS Health offers a wide range of bespoke services for transporting health products (e.g. bio-analyses, diagnostic samples, infectious products, labile or stable blood products, pharmaceutical products, medical and surgical devices and equipment, grafts, etc.) safely, integrally and cost-effectively :

  • Audit of your existing logistics arrangements and transport plan and costed optimisation proposals
  •  Dedicated collection and delivery rounds
  •  Urgent road transport
  •  Transport of transplants and surgical staff
  •  Next day transport
  •  Express air freight
  • Transport of hazardous and regulated materials
  •  Dedicated logistics services


ATS Health provides vehicles equipped with a temperature control system to allow you to keep health products at between 40°C and -180°C, as well as a temperature tracking device to ensure that your health products are kept at the right temperature throughout transport.

Using its proven and transparent economic model, based on the analysis of your actual costs and accurate invoicing system, ATS Health will help you to reduce your logistics costs and improve your competitiveness and performance.

Join our existing customer base and make significant transport cost savings.

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