The partner for large aviation manufacturers and parts suppliers

Aircraft manufacturers, parts suppliers and those engaged in the aviation and aerospace sectors more generally :

  •  Must ensure reliability of supplies, which are typically based on a pull strategy, to respond in time to meet manufacturer production schedules,
  •  Maintain their fleet,
  •  And the limit as far as possible the downtime of machinery.

ATS is your strategic partner. For 25 years, we have developed supply-chain expertise dedicated to the aviation and aerospace sectors to meet your needs.

Available 24 hours a day, our team of specialists offer a comprehensive range of services, suited to the nature of your products and level of urgency, including :

  •  Supply management
  •  Outflow management
  •  Aircraft on ground (AOG)
  •  Organisation and coordination of your industrial projects and transfers

Our services align with your organisation and the challenges you face. They are designed to incorporate the complexity of your processes and safeguard your deliveries. They contribute to your performance and the satisfaction of your customers.