Clear commitments

When it comes to ethics, quality or sustainable development, your commitments are the same as ours.

Code of ethics and conduct

At ATS, we believe that when a company behaves consistently and with integrity, it inspires confidence in those around them. Honesty, fairness and integrity create a healthy work environment, which builds trust among all stakeholders, be they employees, customers, suppliers, partners or shareholders.

ATS always accords a high priority to ethics and professionalism in its relationships, which engenders good business practices.

Our code of ethics and conduct addresses appropriate conduct in our work environment, business practices and relationships with customers, suppliers and other third parties.  It sets out the company’s values and rules that all ATS staff must adhere to in its daily activities and relationships with others. It also outlines guiding principles for our staff in order to take decisions that align with the company’s values.

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We have high quality standards. We strive for excellence and honour our commitments.

We undertake to provide our customers with a premium service that meets their expectations. Every day, our teams do their utmost to organise and deliver safe and dependable transport services.

We are also committed to a process of quality management and improvement, reflected in the ISO 9001 certification for all of our activities.

This approach, which places the customer at the core of our strategy, aims to :

  •  Ensure the development and sustainability of ATS,
  •  Continuously improve the quality of our policies and services,
  •  Consistently meet the needs of our customers and partners in the long term,
  •  To supply the set of your sites with a quality of identical service.
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Authorised Economic Operator

The ATS is also a certified Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

AEO is a voluntary certification based on a customs-to-business partnership. The AEO status allows any company operating internationally to acquire a quality label for the customs procedures and security and safety measures that it implements.  Certified companies are thereby recognised as being more dependable.

Through this form of international recognition and certification, ATS enjoys simplified customs procedures, allowing its customers to benefit from shorter transit times.

AEO certification confers qualifications with respect to cargo security and safety, reflected in :

  •  Prior notification in case of selection for customs controls,
  •  Fewer documents required for summary declarations,
  •  Benefits contained in Mutual Recognition Agreements between the EU and third countries.
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Crisis Management

In order to ensure service continuity under all conditions, ATS has drawn up a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). The document sets out the primary measures implemented by ATS to anticipate and act quickly in the event of a major incident or social unrest. It also includes an Escalation Process, involving the Group’s management.

In the event of a major incident affecting its customers, ATS will set up a crisis management unit to handle all related requests and demands. If necessary, we can offer to set up a temporary post on the customer’s premises, in order to liaise directly with the departments affected regarding all crisis management operations.

We have implemented this approach to successfully negotiate major incidents at a number of large automotive parts manufacturers, which allowed them to minimise the financial impact of disruption.

Sustainable Development

Many of our customers have made sustainable development one of their key priorities. ATS decided to join them by measuring and minimising the daily impact of its operations and by developing initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint.

Our sustainable development policy centres on three firm commitments:

  •  Improve transport services in order to reduce CO2 emissions,
  •  Be a corporate citizen and key actor in civil society,
  •  Minimise our consumption of energy and natural resources.
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