The Premium Freight specialists

As premium logistics experts, ATS has 25 years’ experience in developing high-end, personalised transport solutions, each tailored to the customer’s specific requirements and challenges.

Today, more than 1,300 customers, which include both SMEs and large firms, rely on us to optimise their supply chain and organise urgent and bespoke transport within Europe and further afield.

In addition to its wide range of services, ATS has developed a number of distinct advantages to make it a unique and innovative operator, whose aim is your satisfaction.

If you would also like to outsource management of your premium logistics and focus on your core business, ATS is your ideal partner!

The Group

The Group

ATS is an independent and international group specialized in Premium Freight solutions.


Our mission is to answer your needs of urgent and custom-made transport.


ATS developed a specific knowledge adapted to every sector.

The Group

ATS is an international group that specialises in Premium logistics.

The group was formed 25 years ago to provide 24/7 personalised and secure transport solutions, tailored to the needs and challenges of professionals in industry and the health sector.  With 250,000 orders completed in 2019, ATS ranks among the leading players in the sector, in Europe and worldwide, and is today a market leader in urgent and bespoke transport services.

The group is a recognised transporter, transport and customs broker and air freight forwarding agent, providing a range of multi-modal services. It enjoys a stable shareholding and is on a sure financial footing, ensuring that it can willingly engage and invest alongside its customers.  Diversification, innovation and international expansion together guide its strategy.


Support our customers as they grow their business and conquer new markets, by:

  • offering Premium logistics solutions tailored to their requirements and their budget,
  • ensuring full visibility of consignments,
  • helping to control their costs,
  • achieving savings on a daily basis.


Our goal is simple:

  • improve how their supply chain operates,
  • ensure continuity in their services and production,
  • impact directly and positively on their competitiveness.


With regard to public health, ATS offers health professionals and humanitarian organisations personalised and secure transport solutions at a discount, in a manner consistent with its role as responsible corporate citizen within civil society.


ATS provides 24/7 personalised transport solutions throughout the world by road and air, suited to the needs and challenges of five primary sectors: automotive, aviation, industry, luxury and health.

With 15 branches (three of which are specific to Health), in Europe, Russia, Turkey and China, a fleet of 250 vehicles and direct access to more than 7,000 vehicles and aircraft, ATS can handle any urgent, delicate or complex transport request


All of our operations staff work in a network and use the same operating system. You will be greeted by our multilingual staff, who can advise and offer you one or more transport solutions within 20 minutes of your request.  On each occasion, you will have access to the best technical solution at the best price, allowing you to make tangible savings on your transport budget.

Our services include urgent road transport, arranging dedicated collection and delivery rounds, express air freight, on-board courier, air freight charters, special services, import-export customs services and a number of additional services: temperature tracking, packaging, storage and insurance.


Each service is subject to live tracking. Our customers can view their consignment at any time via our app, ATS+, available on smartphone and desktop.

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