21 Nov

ATS team's expertise on an impossible journey

ATS International was lately put to the test by one of its customer, automobil parts manufacturer, who faces a delay in delivery on behalf of his supplier, situated in Suzhou, China, which announces then several days of further times. The on-site stock (in France) is insufficient to hold several days, ATS team then calls on to their expertise to avoid any production breakdown and deliver as soon as possible the French production site.

Thanks to its Chinese office, based in Shanghai, ATS International contacts the supplier and sets up an express loading the exact same day on site located approx. 120km from the airport. It is 6:00 pm in Shanghai, the goods arrive at the airport the following morning in 8:00 am. To win a maximum of time, ATS’s experts team anticipated everything and prepared all the customs formalities in Shanghai and Paris and also reserved a direct flight on an international airline company.

The goods are loaded the following morning in 00:05 am in Shanghai, arrived at Roissy CDG that very same day in 05:30 am. The shipping is followed in real time by the on-call team. An ATS international vehicle is set up to CDG airport to get back the goods as quickly as possible with the airline company, then en route to the French production site.

The expertise and the professionalism of ATS International teams, has allowed the customer to receive his goods on time and avoid the so dreaded stop of production. Very satisfied by the premium services of ATS International, the customer will not hesitate to make of new call for the teams of the group.